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Lacey // A Matty Healy fanfic - Chapter 8 

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// C H A P T E R   E I G H T //

Lacey felt the sunlight hit her face, trying to rid her of the peaceful sleep she had encountered that night. Not ready to wake up just yet, she flipped over onto her stomach and buried her face in her pillow. In the back of her mind she wondered why it seemed so uncomfortable. Instead of feeling her fluffy pillow from her dorm, her head lay on something incredibly hard, which made lying face down pretty damn uncomfortable. Groaning at the inevitable wake up, she turned onto her back again and rubbed her eyes, expecting to open them to the familiarity of her own room. As soon as she did open them though, she realized that was not the case. She immediately sat up in shock and took in her surroundings. She was in some sort of living room on a sofa, which explained the lack of comfort. It all seemed familiar, which made her relax a bit, but she couldn’t quite get her brain to tell her where exactly she was just yet. Her eyes continued to roam the room, looking for some more hints as to where she was. She couldn’t quite put a finger on why her memory was so hazy. She was sure that she hadn’t been drinking, otherwise there would be that familiar sour taste in her mouth, which meant that something else must’ve happened. Her gaze suddenly stopped on several drawings lining the wall and it was as if the memories came flooding back to her at once: Ross, Matty, the prostitute and lastly, smoking weed. As soon as she remembered it all, she felt a sharp pain underneath her breast and she didn’t even have to look to know there was a tattoo there.

“Fuck.” She muttered as she dropped back down against the sofa. She couldn’t believe that she had smoked weed. Now she knew why she had never felt the need to do so. It had never happened to her before that she had such a memory loss after a night out, no matter how much she drank. She wasn’t even aware that weed could do such a thing. Headaches, confusion, even being super energized – she had heard and witnessed it all, but not being able to clearly remember the night before? Never. She only hoped she hadn’t done or said anything stupid, but something told her that she probably had. Having a horrible thought, Lacey sprung up from the sofa and ran towards the closest mirror. Not even caring for one second that she would be standing there half naked since she wasn’t even wearing her bra for some reason, she hiked up the black shirt she was in (which probably belonged to Matty) and stared at her new tattoo. She was relieved when she saw that it was in fact the one she had wanted. She had been scared that she had gotten a marijuana leaf or something of that sort in her state last night. Getting over the initial flow of relief that had washed over her, she inspected her new tattoo a bit more closely. Just as Matty and she had agreed on, it said ‘indecisive eyes’. It wasn’t done in a font she knew – in fact it looked more like someone’s handwriting. It made sense to her, Ross had probably just written the two words himself to save himself some time. She wasn’t going to complain either, the messy handwriting somehow seemed to complete the tattoo, she couldn’t really imagine it looking any different.

“Well, good morning to you, too.” Matty’s voice suddenly brought her back to reality.

Seeing how he had just seen her half naked, Lacey couldn’t stop the redness that rushed into her cheeks as she quickly pulled down the shirt, “Uh hey, good morning.” She stammered uneasily.

Cocking an eyebrow, he came to stand behind her and pulled her close, so the both of them were looking at themselves in the mirror that hung before them, “Well that doesn’t quite sound like the Lacey I remember from last night.” He laughed lightly and traced his finger over her reddening cheek, “That Lacey wouldn’t have been one bit embarrassed by me seeing her like that. She would have risen to the occasion.”

Even though she felt warm all over from his touch, she couldn’t help but stiffen at his words, “W-what happened?” She stuttered, already dreading the answer.

He looked at her through the mirror, smirking a bit, “You don’t remember?”

She shook her head in response, “I remember that we smoked together, but I guess that stuff somehow messed with my head.”

“You do remember getting a tattoo, right?” He raised his eyebrows, “Or was that little strip just minutes ago to see what hurt on your side?”

“No, I remembered that. I just don’t remember the details of it all, like what I said or did for example.”

“Mhm…” Matty murmured as he seemed to think it over, then pulled her back over to the sofa where she had laid on just minutes before and sat her back down, “Well, you definitely didn’t say anything bad. Just stuff that was very un-Lacey and very much like the Lace I know is hidden somewhere in there.”

Burying her head in her hands, she sighed, “Oh god, tell me.”

He laughed at her obvious discomfort and gently placed his fingers under her chin to make her look at him, “Like I said, it wasn’t bad – I certainly didn’t mind.” He smirked, “Do you remember how you got the tattoo? The process of it, I mean?”

Thinking about it for a second, Lacey nodded, “I remember lying on that lounge chair over there,” She pointed over at the piece of furniture she was talking about, “And I remember it hurting like hell.”

Matty nodded, “Do you also remember how you were lying there?”

Confused, she looked over at him, then seemed to register what he was implying and dropped her head into her hands again, “Oh my god, please don’t tell me that Ross saw me half naked.”

He again placed his finger under her chin, muttering, “Hey Lace, look at me.”

Giving in, she did as she was told and looked up to see him smirking at her, “No, Ross didn’t see your tits.” She immediately felt herself blushing at him talking about her tits, which caused him to laugh again, “It’s ridiculous how self-conscious you are today.”

“Sorry…” She muttered and looked back down at her hands. She didn’t want to make things awkward, but the fact that he was implying that she had somehow said or done something that was incredibly unlike her usual self made her more nervous than ever before.

“Don’t be.” He smiled, then continued explaining, “So like I was saying, Ross didn’t see you half-naked or however you’d like me to describe your upper area.” He winked, “And that was because I simply didn’t want him to, even though you didn’t really seem to have a problem with the idea of showing him.”

Shocked, Lacey exclaimed, “What?!”

He chuckled lightly, “Don’t worry, I stopped you before you could show him anything.”

“But how did he tattoo me then?” She asked confused.

“Well,” He started and quickly dropped his gaze to her breasts before looking back up at her, “I covered you up with my arm and before you even start to worry about it, nothing else happened. We didn’t make out or have sex or anything like that. It wasn’t even sexual until you-“

Groaning she dropped her head back against the cushion, “What now?”

“You told me you wanted to fuck me.” He said casually.

Snapping her head back up, she stared at him in shock, “I did what?!”

“You told me you wanted to fuck me.” He repeated calmly, “You seemed a bit sad that I didn’t seem to find the situation as sexual as you did. You were almost crying, it was quite adorable actually.”

“Fuck.” Lacey muttered. She couldn’t believe that she had been so stupid. Matty must think that she was completely desperate, she wouldn’t even blame him for thinking that. After all, he knew she was a virgin and her wanting to give it up to him so easily must make him think that she was completely ludicrous.

Sensing her discomfort, he put his arm around her waist and pulled her so close that she was almost sitting on his lap, “Lace…” He murmured to get her to look at him and when she did, continued, “Wanna know what I told you?”

Quickly, she shook her head. She had had enough embarrassment to last her a lifetime, all from the last fifteen minutes. She really didn’t need to know the details of how he had turned her down, or how he had probably even laughed at her.

“I’ll tell you anyways.” He smiled, then turned serious as he looked her straight in the eye, “I told you that I wanted to do just the same to you and I don’t regret saying that one bit, so you can stop being insecure now and just enjoy my company again. There is nothing you did last night that made me one less bit attracted to you. If anything seeing you that confident was the hottest I have seen you yet.”

Not being able to fully register what he had just told her, Lacey simply stared at him. She couldn’t believe what he had just told her. She was so sure that she had blown it by acting like a horny teenage girl last night, but instead of judging or making fun of her, he just went with it. And instead of taking advantage of the whole situation, which would have been so easy and probably what a lot of guys would have done, he took care of her instead.

She felt a smile forming on her lips and had to bite onto it to stop it. Before she could think twice about what she was about to do, she looked him straight in the eye and said, “Can you just shut up and kiss me now or -?

Before she could complete her sentence, Matty’s lips were against hers, kissing them softly. Even though she enjoyed his gentleness, Lacey wanted more. In that moment, she didn’t want to be treated like a fragile little girl. In that moment, she wanted to feel desired. Taking advantage of the moment, as he had told her to before, she locked her fingers in his hair and pulled him closer, pressing her body against his.

Chuckling lightly at her sudden confidence, Matty went with it and kissed her harder, his hands trailing underneath her shirt until they stopped right underneath her breasts – careful not to touch the sensitive skin where her new tattoo was inked into her body. He trailed kisses all over her neck until he stopped right by her ear to whisper roughly, “I wanted to do this so badly last night.” With that his hand cupped her breast and she couldn’t help but moan out his name in pleasure.

“Matty is your girlfriend up yet?” Ross’s voice suddenly sounded and soon enough there were footsteps coming towards the room, “What the fuck, man?!” He yelled at the sight of both of them being intimate on his sofa.

Sighing, Matty planted a final kiss on Lacey’s lips, before he pushed himself up and shrugged at Ross, “Sorry mate, I couldn’t help myself.”

“No Matty, fuck.” Ross sighed exasperated as he ran his fingers through his short cut hair, “How many times do I have to tell you guys to not to shit like that on my sofa? Do you know how disturbed I’ll be when I watch a movie on there tonight? It fucking ruins it for me man.”

Lacey tried to sink deeper into the cushion, wishing they would just swallow her up. She had only met Ross properly yesterday and had already managed to embarrass herself in front of him more than she had with anyone else.

“I know, I’m sorry, won’t happen again – I promise.” Matty said earnestly.

“Okay whatever.” Ross shook his head, then continued with what he had wanted to tell them from the start, “I made breakfast, if you want. Pancakes and such. I remembered Lace saying something about chocolate chip pancakes last night and I thought I might as well make them.”

Pushing herself up on her shoulders, she tried to get over her feelings of embarrassment and asked Ross, “I said something about chocolate chip pancakes?”

He laughed in response, “Yeah you kept saying how badly you wanted to eat some, but I didn’t have the ingredients here, so I just quickly bought them this morning and made some now.” He smiled, then seeing her look of utter disbelief he added, “Only if you want of course.”

“Duh of course I want them.” Lacey rolled her eyes and got up from the sofa, “I should probably put on pants on first though.” She murmured to herself and looked for the high-waisted jeans she had worn the night before.

“They’re right here.” Matty said and threw them over at her.

Putting them on quickly, she reached for Matty’s hand and pulled him up as well. As soon as he stood in front of her, she went up on tip toes and kissed his cheek softly, whispering, “I really enjoyed that you know.” With that, she followed Ross into the kitchen where the sweet smell of pancakes filled the air.

“Mhh, smells delicious.” She smiled as she took a pancake from the huge stack in the middle of the table.

“Couldn’t agree more.” Matty said as he sat down in the chair next to Lacey and immediately laced his fingers with hers.

Ross shrugged and also took a seat, then looked over at the both of them holding hands, “So are you guys dating now or what?”

Lacey stopped everything she was doing, her fork hanging mid-air while Matty laughed nervously, “Woah, way to cut to the chase there, mate.”

Ross shrugged again, seemingly not that interested in it anyways, “I was just wondering.”

“Yeah, no I get it.” Matty muttered, then turned to Lacey, changing the subject, “So Lace, what’s on our agenda today?”

“What do you mean?” She asked confused.

“Well, which part on your list is next?” He smiled, then continued, “I don’t really remember a lot, what’s still on it?”

“Uhh…” She thought a bit, then named the things she could remember at the top of her head, “Road trip, skinny dipping, ride an elephant –“

“Perfect.” He interrupted her, “There’s a circus in town, we’ll go and see if they let us ride one, if not we’ll just bribe them or something.”

“Uhm I’d love to, but remember that history paper I’m supposed to hand in tomorrow?”

Matty looked at her as if he didn’t understand the problem, “So? It’s not like we’ll be out until midnight or something. I’ll have you back by six, then you’ll still have the whole night to finish it.”

She bit her lip and muttered, “I’ve never finished a paper this late.”

“Well love, it’s time to try new things, isn’t that what this all is about?” He questioned, smirking.

After a moment of thinking about it, she nodded, “I guess so.” She said, then tried to smile a bit, “Seems like we really are going to ride an elephant today.”

While she watched him smile back at her, seemingly content with her answer, she couldn’t help but wonder if whatever was between them was just him trying out something new as well.

A/N: Oh my god, I had the biggest writer’s block ever today. I apologize if this chapter sounds terrible, it took forever to get something out. Also, I hope the whole making out part wasn’t awkward, writing stuff like that is so not my strong point - I usually try to skip it, but eh - I hope it was alright? Also, I kind of love how Ross is turning out. I kind of thought that this story would mainly include Matty and George, but I feel like there’ll be a bit more Ross - let’s see if I can get more Adam in as well. ;) On this chapter, I’d really really appreciate if you could tell me what sucked/what you liked simply because I’m SO unhappy with this. Thanks so much for reading, x m 

p.s. Over 300 reads - whaaat. thank you, thank you, thank you x 

Anonymous asked:
Love the Lacey fanfic ! Can't wait for the next chapter ! Any mention to when it will be published ?

thanks so much, I’m so glad you like it! :)

I’m currently working on it, but it will take a bit more time. It will be up sometime later today. :)

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